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Banish Mould in Your Air-Conditioning System

Many of our readers will be moving into new villas as we write this. Hopefully you will have finally received your villa freshly painted and moderately clean!  However, it is worth remembering that the majority of these villas will have been left vacant over the hot summer with no air-conditioning running.  Landlords and agents will state that the a/c units have been cleaned before you moved in but this just means a quick dust down of the vents and the filters will have been run under a tap to get a summers worth of dust storms off and slotted back in (damp).  However, when you actually run you a/c do not be surprised that the cool air coming out has an essence of smelly socks! This pungent damp smell may soon result in runny noses, sneezing and watery eyes.

Air-conditioning (A/C) units are breeding grounds for bad odors and allergens. Over time, contaminants such as building debris, dust, pollen, pet hairs, tobacco residue and much more accumulate inside the ducts and on the cooling coils resulting in mould and bacteria which is the root cause of many allergies and Asthma attacks.

Calling in the maintenance guy to wipe down the vents (usually with a dirty cloth!) and wash the filters, only to put them back again wet, won’t do the trick. The air-conditioning will need professional cleaning because if the bacteria and viruses have not been killed properly they will just breed over and over again. Companies have different ways of performing this job but the standards and equipment used should meet European and American standards. Companies such as SaniService flush a solution through the A/C system to kill the bacteria. This solution is used in medical facilities and meets European disinfectant standards.

This is not a cheap job and most landlords probably will not pay for it, but it is well worth doing once a year or when you move into that dream villa only to realize the A/C units have been dormant for well over six months.

Fully disinfect your A/C units and banish mould by contacting:

Tel: +971 4 341 5592

EPSCO Services
Tel: +971 4 880 4670

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the A/C system will ensure more efficient cooling and lower DEWA Bills. Check out our article on regular A/C servicing.

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