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Blood Shortages in Dubai

The Dubai Blood Donation Centre is the only blood supplier in Dubai.  The need for blood is ongoing and must be met every day.  The demand for blood is growing faster than the collection rate.  Due to these blood shortages, the DBDC needs your donations now more than ever!

To see if  you are eligible to donate blood, please click here.

Blood can be donated at the DBDC located at Latifa Hospital. If you would like to donate you can call the centre on +971 4 219 3221, +971 4 219 3768 or +971 4 219 3000 or visit the hospital between 7 am and 6 pm.

Sheik Mohammed donated blood this week and you should too! He (@HHShkMohd) tweeted last night “Heard of a shortage in donated blood in our hospitals, I headed to Latifa Hospital to do my duty.”
“It is a responsibility for everyone in the community (individuals and organizations) to take part in supporting our blood banks.”

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