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Dentistry for Children and Adolescents

dentcare-kidsAs most parents are aware, it is very important for your child to establish a trusting relationship with their dentist. Too many parents themselves have dealt with years of dental phobia due to a bad experience at a young age. Throughout Dubai there are a number of Paediatric Dentists (or children’s dentists) that can deal with severe cases and perform treatment under general anaesthetic if needed. For those children with run-of-the-mill, relatively healthy teeth and lifestyles, a General Dentist is more than adequate, and likely more affordable.

When it comes to kids (and adults alike) prevention is always better than cure. Establishing good oral hygiene habits from an early age, will mean your child will probably never have a bad experience at the dentist. This can be done by attending regular check ups and cleans every six months, starting as young as possible. Milk teeth are definitely not too early! By educating children to care for their own teeth from the get-go, we provide them with knowledge that could save them a lot of pain, worry and expense in the future.

Obviously a child may be more reluctant to listen to a dentist who is un-motivating, intimidating and impersonal, so chose your family dentist wisely. If you feel uncomfortable, they will too. I believe when it comes to treating children, patience is key. Like any adult, children and adolescents have the right to refuse treatment or say if they don’t like something. Taking away that element of control is likely to make them feel insignificant and scared, two things that you definitely don’t want to experience while you are laying in a chair with someone staring down your throat! So by gaining their trust and showing respect, they are much more willing to co-operate!

Dentistry for Adults

To be perfectly honest, the ethos of dentistry should stay the same regardless of the patient’s age, gender, nationality, etc… Our aim as dentists should be to keep your teeth in your head for as long as you live. We will educate you by sharing our knowledge of correct oral hygiene and diet modification to improve your oral and overall health. And then we will correct anything that needs to be, whilst being careful not to try and fix things that aren’t broken.

Like children and adolescents, adults should make it a priority to attend regular check ups, scales and polishes every six months. That way your dentist can keep an up-to-date record of how everything is looking, while reminding you to keep up the good work by flossing and brushing every day.

The bottom line is, do not be intimidated by dentistry in a foreign country. There are many impeccably trained dentists in Dubai, you will definitely find one that you trust and can build a life long relationship with. And if you are still unsure, just come and chat to me first!

Article Courtesy of
Dr. Victoria Elizabeth Sole (BDS, Australia)
General Dentist at DentCare Center International, Dubai Health Care City.


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