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Dinner Time

What’s For Dinner?

Everyone knows the way to a healthy lifestyle is to eat well with home cooked meals but in this fast paced city some people don’t have the time to think up a weekly menu plan and make the trip to the supermarket to source all the ingredients. A local company called Dinner Time understands this and will deliver a box of all your ingredients and four recipes for you to prepare four family meals each week. Covering a broad range of food groups they help you to provide a well balanced menu for your family – it’s all incredibly easy.

Dinner Time Enterprises Ltd is an international company founded by three Swedish women. All successful business women in their own right, they became friends through the Swedish community here in Dubai. Juggling hectic lives and wanting to preserve valuable family time; enjoying a wholesome meal together in the confidence that their families were enjoying a balanced diet, they decided to bring this already popular concept from Sweden to the Middle East.

All the recipes contain only fresh ingredients, including lots of vegetables. Each recipe takes in the region of 30 minutes to prepare and cook, giving you easy access to wholesome everyday meals that will become firm family favourites.

It’s home cooking made really easy. You will discover new foods, cooking without the hassle and most importantly enjoy the rewards with the family over a home cooked meal. Simply serve with love!

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    Typical of how lazy we are when can’t even enjoy shopping and cooking the odd meal. Takes max one hour to do a weekly shop!! Paying a company to do that seems odd to me ?

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