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Ensure year round comfort and energy efficiency with window film

As you move into your new home you will likely be faced with many upgrades and changes, which you want to make in order to ensure you and your family is comfortable in your new surroundings; one of these Dubai necessities is glass window tinting.

Window tinting films are a clear layer of plastic that is professionally installed onto your existing glass windows and doors, to improve certain properties of your glass in terms of reducing heat gain, eliminating sun glare and blocking harmful UV rays. Available in a number of different shades, there is a strong focus on still allowing plenty of natural light to enter your home, but without the negative effects that the sun can bring.

In addition to improving comfort, window film can save you serious money on your energy bills; typically 50-70% of a home energy bill is made up from the power required to run air conditioning effectively. Window film works by rejecting large amounts of heat from entering your home, keeping interior temperatures more controllable and stable. By running your air conditioning less, you consume less energy, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on utility bills. With the cost of electricity doubling since 2008, window film is one of the most effective ways to cut costs.

Unfortunately the majority of glass used in expat developments such as Arabian Ranches, Emirates Living and Jumeirah Islands is sub-standard and has poor heat rejecting properties. This means that many homeowners are forced to look at the option of blinds or curtains which remain closed throughout the day just to make the interior bearable. These window fixings just cause hotspots to build up at the window and often block natural light and views. Window film eliminates the need for these window fixings by stopping heat gain entering through the glass in the first place while maintaining the clear view and natural daylight.

Another reason homeowners opt for window tinting films is the impressive UV blocking performance. Ultra-violet rays are one of the primary causes of sun damage and fading of furniture, flooring and possessions. Window film blocks 99% of UV rays which can also can also protect your pets and family against the risk of skin cancer, a serious issue in a climate with so much constant sunlight throughout the year.

Laminas Window Film is the leader in residential window tinting; formed by British expat Gavin Bannerman; they have completed hundreds of installations all over the UAE. Laminas’ unique product range is specifically chosen for handling the UAE’s climate and to compliment the many expat developments in the region. They offer a lifetime warranty on their products along with the highest quality of installation to ensure improved appearance, upgraded energy efficiency and increased comfort.

To find out more and book a consultation visit the Laminas website.

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