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essentially-in-dubaiRaw juice experts, ESSENTIALLY, has hit the UAE with Hollywood’s latest detox trend. ESSENTIALLY offers a range of 100% natural, fresh, raw and organic juices for door-to-door delivery throughout Dubai.

The company comes as a saviour to countless Dubai residents where our fast-paced and often hectic lifestyles all too often result in a diet of highly processed fast food replacing a well-balanced, nutritious one. Juicing has become an ever-growing trend in major, cosmopolitan cities throughout the world and now here in Dubai, the community can benefit too with easy and convenient delivery of fresh, raw juices to their homes and offices.

Essentially co-founder and long-time Dubai resident, Wiebke Katsoudas, says the company was borne out of recognising a need in her own fast-paced lifestyle for such a service. She says, “Despite the best of intentions, I, and indeed most people, simply don’t have the time to shop for the ingredients and then spend the time researching recipes, peeling and preparing my own juices. Now, thanks to Essentially, the community can enjoy delicious and nutritious fresh, raw juices without any hassle. In LA, a freshly, squeezed juice has fast replaced the latte as the grab and go drink and I think it’s a matter of time before the UAE community adopts the same habit.”

Essentially’s two main product lines consist of a number of detox and supplementation programmes. Designed specifically in cooperation with world-class detox and nutritional experts, options range from a one-day detox to ongoing supplement solutions with innovative names such as “Work hard Play Hard” and “Skinny Jeans.”

In the UAE, there are increasing concerns of the nation’s diet, in particular with the rise of Type-2 diabetes, a condition that can be wholly avoided through diet and exercise. With the services provided by Essentially, it will become easy for individuals to create positive, long lasting changes to their diets and in time, reverse the ever-worsening statistics of these so-called lifestyle diseases. The company, already launched in its partner city, Oslo, has had nothing but glowing reports from avid fans delighted with the benefits they have enjoyed from increased energy levels, weight loss, improved sleep, better digestion and many more. Prices are exceptionally reasonable with the supplements package costing just AED 199 per day, for four freshly pressed organic juices and AED 299 per day for the cleanse programmes.

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About Essentially
Launched in 2012, Essentially is the first line of fresh juice cleanses available in Dubai, UAE and Oslo, Norway, with a comprehensive product range to cater for a varied number of diets and lifestyles. The juices are made here in Dubai Investment Park by a US-bought custom-made juice press using only the highest quality of ingredients in order to maximise their nutritional benefit and maintain the highest levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Orders are taken via a user-friendly online system with regular deliveries to homes and offices throughout Dubai.
Wiebke Katsoudas / Co Founder & Managing Director /

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