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Exercise While Traveling

It can be difficult enough to stick to your exercise routine without throwing travel into the mix. Here are some suggested exercises to do while you’re away.

1. TRX
This handy fitness tool can easily be stashed away in your luggage. Theses suspension belts can be attached to any firm anchor point for a full body workout using your body-weight as resistance.

2. Pilates
If you don’t already know the moves, Virgin and Carrefour sell instructional home DVD’s for a great price. Check out GO SPORT for their range of travel mats, which won’t take up too much space.

3. Theraband
This stretchy band comes in different resistance levels and is a great tool to help you stretch out your muscles. Lie on your back with the band around your foot; pull your leg towards your head for a great hamstring stretch. Have a look at this website for more exercise suggestions.

4. Run!
Whether you’re on a beach, in the city or the desert you can get outside and run. Find new routes to go on each day to explore your surroundings – but stay safe and either take someone with you, or let people know where you’re going and what time you’re expecting to be back.

5. Ocean swimming
If you’re lucky enough to be traveling to a locale by the ocean, try doing some lengths across the beach. Chat to the locals about possible dangers, such as rip currents and stay savvy by choosing beaches with on-duty life guards.

6. Floor work
Come on! When was the last time you pumped out a set of press ups? Set yourself a goal to reach by the end of your trip. Try crunches, sit ups, tricep dips, donkey kicks, the plank, jumping jacks and oblique extensions.

7. Hit the dance floor
Dancing can burn up to 400 calories per hour, and it’s so much fun you won’t even notice where the time is going. If there aren’t any clubs at your destination, pop your favourite tracks on your iPod and boogie in the comfort of your hotel room (just watch out for housekeeping!).

8. Take the long way home
Try these simple tips to sneak in some exercise when you weren’t planning on it;

  • Take the stairs
  • Do a sightseeing tour by foot
  • Get dropped off a few blocks before your hotel
  • Try a new activity, like surfing or snowboarding
  • Find a park to explore

Following these tips should help you stay fit during your vacation – have a wonderful summer break!

Article written by Donna Masing – Sports Massage Therapist

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