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How To Stay Ahead When Running In Summer

Summer for runners signals the dreaded arrival of two hideous side effects … chafing and SES (stinging eye syndrome) caused by sweat.   And as they’re both so vile in their own right they both get their own little low-down below:


Chafing is when your body rubs continuously (for hours) and it feels like burning or a sharp sting. Very annoying and very painful. If you’re a girl, the prime spots are your inner thighs and under your bra straps. If a boy, the nipples. If either, your crack. (Sorry – no point holding back)

I’ve found myself screaming every time I’ve got in the shower this week; the spray hitting my open wounds is like having a scalding cup of coffee thrown at me.

I know some people swear by Body Glide which is like a roll on deodorant stick which you rub to the affected, or potentially affected area. It does work, sure, but in my experience not terribly well, especially when running long distance or in the heat we have here.

What does work though … the miracle lotion, the magic potion … is good old Vaseline. It’s not water-proof people say, but smear it on like butter and it works a treat.

Administering it, of course, can cause some hilarity and I guess embarrassment, if you’re prude. I have no doubt, if I have any insomniac peeping toms for neighbours, who happen to look my way before the crack of dawn (no pun intended), that they might wonder what they’re missing out on!

Other than that,

  • always wear moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics … have I mentioned Adidas apparel before?!? The best of the best in terms of performance and style; fashion meets form meets function
  • stick with tighter clothes … yes I know we’re in a Muslim country so I don’t suggest you opt for hot pants but threads that sit close to your body will be less problematic than baggy kit


In this weather we sweat. A lot. The sweat drips in our eyes, stinging them profusely and impairing our vision. In fact, when I popped into a shop this morning for a drink stop, the man at the counter thought I’d been crying. Now I know I don’t help myself here by wearing mascara when I run but surely, if it’s waterproof, it should be just that. The feeling is akin to your eyeballs dancing with shards of glass.

In my quest to find a cure, once again, it seems Vaseline is the miracle cure. Anja suggested it when we ran on Wednesday and I tried it this morning. Just a streak across my forehead, just above my brows … and it causes the sweat to run along the streak and down the side of your face instead.

Other options are:

  • wear a headband … a little reminiscent of the 80’s I know but retro so rather cool
  • wear a visor and or shades … Adidas of course ….
  • or wear a good old cotton bandanna

So now that Summer has reared it’s hot head once again, I have a new found respect for this miracle grease … not only as a skin softener or a brow enhancer, not only as a cheek highlighter or a lip moisturiser but now as the miracle material for summer runners.

No more shower-side screams … no more sweat-induced streams, instead the cream of all creams, the lube of all lubes.

… Continue reading on Fit Chicks & Fast Women.

Tori Leckie is a long time high-altitude mountaineer, long distance runner, marathon and ultra winner and all round sports, fitness, health and wellbeing junkie.

She is also Adidas’s first sponsored athlete in the Middle East.

2 Responses to “How To Stay Ahead When Running In Summer”

  1. Dimitris says:

    Thx for the tips Tori. Really helpful. I found myself struggling with my training over the past couple of weeks. Being a rookie in DXB I have a few questions:

    1. Whats the best time to train for mid-long distances (I am doing approx 4 runs a week out of which one is 20K+ and the other 3 just over 10K) in DXB during summer?

    2. Any indoor places we can go for a run?

    3. What about hydration? Water+electrolytes+salt sticks… anything else that will help my body manage this change?

    tbh, I enjoy the challenge but have to figure this out soon than later or else I dont think I will meet my goals for the year.

    thank you very much in advance for your time,

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