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Health and Fitness During the month of Ramadan.

fitness-in-ramadanRamadan is an important time in Dubai for many residents. Many expats will be fasting during this period and still waiting to remain healthy and active.

We’ve put together a few tips to ensure a safe way to continue a fitness regime as the month progresses.

When should I exercise?
As each individual’s needs and capabilities are different, some people can train before breaking their fast quite comfortably, so give it a go. Try to do some simple exercise and determine how you feel and continue if it feels good. Sometimes as the month wears on and tiredness sets in, you may need to adjust your exercise time. Monitor and adjustment is key during Ramadan.

If you choose to train after your first meal, wait a few hours for proper digestion to take place so you’re comfortable and not exercising on a full stomach. As a suggestion, people who want to continue to weight train should do so after breaking the fast so they have more energy. It is also important to drink a protein shake after training with weights so you lose fat and not muscle.

What type of exercise should I do?
Whatever exercise you were doing before Ramadan do the same however start light and see how that feels and again adjust your intensity gradually as you go along. The most important thing is that you are doing some kind of activity regularly rather than stopping all together, this will keep the engine running and make it much easier to resume your normal regime after Ramadan.

Alternatively you could try swimming or yoga as these types of exercise do not cause you to sweat a lot and get too dehydrated.

What should I eat?
Many Iftar items are healthy and nutritious and a good source of energy for Ramadan. Clear soups and juices are great for hydration and fruits are a good source of fiber. A small amount of nuts deliver essential fats and don’t forget to keep you meats lean and grilled or take advantage of the foul for the non meat eaters.

All in all, Ramadan is a great time to get back to basics and refresh the body, so listen to it and don’t push yourself beyond your limits and it will be a rewarding time spiritually and physically.

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