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How to choose a hospital and prepare for a delivery in Dubai

There are a number of things to think about when you are pregnant in Dubai and the UAE. First of all, if you are not married – your first step should be to get married, because giving birth out of wedlock is a crime in the UAE. To know more click here.

Another thing you should do is to contact your insurance company and ask if they cover all your maternity costs. Find out if they cover the whole amount or if you have a limited budget. It’s quite common that you have to pay and claim the money from your insurance company.

Next step is to find a clinic where you will do all your check-ups. There are many different types of clinics in Dubai, and costs vary widely. Some of the private clinics are very exclusive and charge around 1,000AED or more for each check-up while other clinics are more basic (but still very good) and charge from around 400AED. You find a list of many of the gynecologists and obstetricians in Dubai here.

If you don’t have it already is very advisable that you get a Dubai Health Card. It’s important to have it; even you have a good insurance. With the Dubai Health Card you can utilize a government hospital if you for example experience premature birth or need other type of (emergency) help. Read more about Dubai Health Card here.

If you are not covered by insurance or you have a high-risk pregnancy you should consider choosing a governmental hospital. If you decide to give birth at Al Wasl or Dubai Hospital you most likely have to do your check-ups at your local clinic. You can find your local clinic at or call Al Wasl Hospital 04 219 3000

Example of prices for prices for antenatal care and delivery, 2010

Below is a list of a few hospitals and their prices (2010). The best way of finding out the latest prices and info is to contact the clinics or hospital yourself. You find a list over many of the gynaecologists and obstetricians in Dubai here.

Al Wasl Hospital (Cost in 2010)
Antenatal package 2,500AED
Normal delivery- 2,000AED (sharing room)/ 3,000AED (private room)
C-sec delivery – 4,000AED (sharing room)/ 5,000AED (private room)
NICU – 500AED per day

Dubai Hospital
+971 4 2195771

Welcare Hospital
+971 4 282 7788

City Hospital
+971 4 435 9999 (Cost in 2010)
Normal delivery – 11,000AED, 2 days private room
C-sec delivery – 15,500AED, 4 days private room
Epidural 2,250AED
Extra charges: blood transfusion, medication, NICU admission etc

Medcare hospital
+971 4 407 9100 (Cost in 2010)
Antenatal package 5,000AED (commences only at 12 weeks to the end)
Normal delivery – 10,000AED Epidural 1,750AED (One bed suite)
C-sec delivery – 19,000AED (One bed suite)
NICU – 3,500AED per day
New born baby package- Normal delivery 1,500AED/ c-sec 2,000AED
Hospital fee 1,500AED
If DH/relative stay overnight 150AED per day
Extra charges- consumables, medications, lab tests etc

American Hospital
+971 43 367 777 (Cost in 2010)
Antenatal package 5,950AED
Normal delivery- 11,950AED (2 days in a private room including newborn)
C-sec delivery – 22,950AED (including newborn)
NICU – 3,500AED per day
If Pediatrician attends the delivery 900AED
Epidural anesthesia 3,300AED (normal delivery)/ separate charges for anesthesia c-sec
Circumcision 2,025AED
If DH/relative stay overnight 165AED per day
Extra charges- consumables, medications, lab tests etc
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