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I’ve been NAB’ed

I have to confess that I am terrible at drinking water. I need to force myself to stay hydrated, even now during Dubai’s hot summer. This combined with my going cold turkey on fizzy drinks, means that I’m always on the lookout for alternative great tasting fruit drinks. There is certainly no shortage on the supermarket shelves, this I know, but finding options that are genuinely healthy, low in sugar yet high on taste often proved to be a mission. Until I got NAB’ed that is.
Suddenly, an entire world of exciting drink options has opened up to me, drinks that keep me glowing inside and out, drinks that are like a party on my tongue and everyone’s invited. If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of being NAB’ed (and I say yet as if not, it’s just a matter of time) here’s what you need to know:

New Age Beverages (NAB) has been brought to our shores to spoil us with healthy, refreshing, organic and low-calorie juices. The team behind the scene literally scoured the earth for the world’s best drinks that ticked a whole host of boxes and that come in the coolest of flavours and possess shoot-through-the-roof levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The company plans to offer a range of drinks but currently on the NAB shelf is HONEST, HONEST KIDS, ALO and BAI. Orders can be delivered directly to your door which is fab but they’re also on the shelves in all our fave grocery stores (see list at bottom of page).

• First up, BAI
The BAI range is tantalisingly tasty and the ultimate powerhouse of antioxidants. The drinks are naturally infused with coffee fruit extract (THE new superfruit FYI) which contain 100 times more antioxidants that pomegranates or blueberries … and although you don’t taste any coffee, they contain 70mg of caffeine (a typical 16-ounce coffee contains about 70-120 mgs) so not only do you awaken your taste buds but your mind too!
And the best part? Four of the flavours – Costa Rica Clementine, Panama Peach, Congo Pear and Sumatra Dragonfruit only have 10-calories in the entire 500 ml. Amazing… and all thanks to the sweetener within being stevia, the miracle all-natural sweetener derived from the stevia leaf.
Other flavours, still low in kcals, include Jamaica Blueberry, Kenya Peach and Tanzania Strawberry. They are all super delicious but to coin a phrase from Jerry McGuire, it was the Costa Rica Clementine that got me at hello!

• Next in my taste test, HONEST
The Honest range is 100% USDA certified organic which in layman’s terms means that they have passed the really stringent tests to be approved as fully organic (and not a genuine fake organic … think a D&G from Milan v a knock-off from Dolce & Karama)
In delicious flavours and with only 48 kcals per serving, they’re another super-duper option for keeping you refreshingly sweet. Honest is well-known to be one of Barrack Obama’s top tastes which puts it high on my list any day.
Organic, low in sugar, healthy, delicious and in flavours like SuperFruit Punch, Pomegranate Blue and Cranberry Lemonade …what’s not to love?

• And finally, HONEST KIDS
These are the Honest drinks for little people and with flavours such as Appley Ever After, Goodness Grapeness (my fave) and Berry Berry Good Lemonade, kids can’t fail to love these. And big kids too in fact as they come in those super cool pouches so are perfect to slip into your handbag and drink on the go … ergonomically efficient darling! Again they are all low on sugar, high on taste and honestly (pun intended) super more-ish.

Call: 04 447 3860
Buy: Big Spinneys, Waitrose, Milk & Honey, Zawya Mart SZR, Sugar Daddy, Sweet Stuff, Galleria Lafayette, Favourite Things, Maison Sucre (AUH), Freshii DIFC, Scuzi DIFC and if you prefer, direct to your front door!

So there you go. I have spent today going crackers over my Costa Rica Clementine and getting precious over my Panama Peach. And when I went running tonight with my girlfriends, Fiona and Susan, both said to me that I was looking fresh and fabulous … ‘nab fab’ I thought. I certainly felt it!

I’ve been well and truly NAB’ed. Have you?

Article courtesy of Fit Chicks & Fast Women.

Tori Leckie is a long time high-altitude mountaineer, long distance runner, marathon and ultra winner and all round sports, fitness, health and wellbeing junkie.

She is also Adidas’s first sponsored athlete in the Middle East.

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