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Peeling Oranges

The temperatures are soaring which can only mean one thing; summer is well and truly upon us and we have long since packed away our winter woollies (aka light wraps for us Dubai divas) and spending way more time hanging out in our bikinis. So then, the ideal opportunity to work on breaking down that dreaded c-word. Cellulite. Every girl has it, albeit to varying degrees and I’ve no doubt every girl regularly assesses their backside in a mirror and imagines its far worse than it is. Me included. Enter Slim Spa and their magical VelaSmooth.
I’ve been to – and written about – Slim Spa before. Tucked away in the corner of Al Attar Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road, it’s a haven of tranquility that deals with all the body problems that girls love to hate  – stubborn muffin tops, unsightly bat wings, loyal love handles, dimpled bottoms and more. As for the treatment itself…

What it says on the box:
• VelaSmooth is a non-invasive device that works by the revolutionary ‘ELOS’ combined energy technology — bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light
• It is the only clinically proven procedure that has obtained FDA approval for cellulite reduction to date
• The unique infrared device is specifically designed to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce localized fat deposits
• It does this using light and radio frequencies that heat up the fatty tissues lying just underneath the skin. These fatty tissues are broken apart and the body deals with the resulting waste accordingly
• It is safe for any kind of skin and is particularly effective on the larger and bigger areas of the body like abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, hips etc
• A course is recommended but you can see and feel results after just one session

What I found inside:
• The machine is basically like a Hoover, a vacuum to suck up the fat cells and reduce the volume of our fat tissues
• At first sensation, it felt a little uncomfortable, the pressure of the suction being pretty high, but after a few minutes you get used to it and I actually fell asleep – once used to the initial sensation, I guess it just feels similar to a warm deep tissue massage
• Afterwards, my skin was a little red… but then I do have sensitive skin
• I could definitely feel a difference though and when I analyzed myself in the mirror, I saw a bottom in the mirror that I could hardly recognize!
• These immediate results needless to say, make you feel great in addition to the visible effects – ready to hit the beach without a care in the world

It’s a simple formula then for a non lumpy backside:
VelaSmooth + Slim Spa = orange without the peel & a bottom to really appeal

Need to know
Treatment: VelaSmooth – AED 600 per single session or less if buying a package
Go: Slim Spa, 206 Al Attar Tower, SZR
Tel: 04 343 7987

Article courtesy of Fit Chicks & Fast Women.

Tori Leckie is a long time high-altitude mountaineer, long distance runner, marathon and ultra winner and all round sports, fitness, health and wellbeing junkie.

She is also Adidas’s first sponsored athlete in the Middle East.

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