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Pregnant in Dubai and Health Insurance Coverage

If you are pregnant in Dubai, then medical insurance is more or less a necessity. You need to carefully consider the insurance you have or are considering to buy, and be fully aware as to what it will cover and what it will not. Be 100% sure as to what the policy contains and what coverage you and your newborn can look forward to, both during pregnancy and at the time of birth.

Health insurance and pregnancy

Health insurance is often provided by employers, but some people need to provide for their own. If you don’t have insurance and you are a resident of the UAE, it will help greatly to have a health card. Read more about the Dubai health card here.

Maternity coverage is not always included in the health insurance policies. Either you have arranged your health insurance through your workplace or your husband’s workplace, you will need to review the policy to confirm exactly what it does cover you for e.g pregnancy, delivery and postnatal support. It is very important that you know the boundaries of coverage so you don’t end up with a financial burden and nasty surprise!

Sometimes it can be cost effective to buy a maternity package from your clinic or hospital, compared to buying a new insurance policy for the pregnancy and delivery.

Important issues about health insurance and pregnancy

No matter which type of health insurance you have or intend to arrange, you will need to make sure it offers the kind of coverage you need trough:


  • How many months do you need to have the insurance before you can fall pregnant? (Mostly 12 months, but sometimes it can be up to 24 months)
  • Which hospitals and clinics are included? Are you satisfied with them?
  • Which test and how many gynecology visits and ultrasound scans are covered?
  • If you experience complications: what will the insurance cover? It might be a good idea to look at the insurance coverage with the ‘worst case scenario’ in mind.
  • Does the insurance only cover pregnancies from natural conceptions?


  • Which hospitals for birth are included? Are you satisfied with them?
  • Are you covered for cesarean? Pain relief etc? There are different policies on these matters, so you need to be prepared.
  • Postnatal: how long can you and the baby stay at the hospital? What postnatal check-ups are included?
  • If you need extra care for your baby will the insurance cover this?

These issues are just some of the many points that need to be considered. You need to reflect on your own personal situation to ensure that the best possible health insurance and coverage is available for you and your baby.


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