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Rise and Shine with Awazen Spa..!

Awazen means Balance. This innovative spa has been designed to allow you to give yourself a well deserved break, to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. The Awazen experience is about tuning into the benefits of a better lifestyle and ease into a wonderful world of inner and outer balance!

I highly recommends the Rise and Shine treatment for contouring & detoxifying. The warming massage treatment eliminates bloating, stressed muscles, water retention and assists with lymphatic drainage and body contouring. The warm massage can be used with any massage technique that does not require much pressure on the muscle.

This is perfect for a quick pick meup for tired bodies.

Before the actual Body Scrub treatment begins, the spa goers enjoy the therapeutic dry sauna to soften and prepare the skin for the exfoliating body scrub. The process begins by application of a liberal amount of body scrub to the back. Using a soft but firm circular motion a light massage is given on the back before applying the scrub followed by massage with a slightly heavier pressure with the application of the scrub.

The therapist slowly works on the neck, shoulders, hands and feet. After the body scrub is completely, massaged in, the guest is asked to take a warm shower. The body scrub ends with a light body, massage with their exclusive Jerneh Cleansing moisturizer.

Good For:
People who want to reduce cellulite.
People having cold extremities due to improper blood circulation.
People looking for inch-loss size reduction.
Prepares your skin for an even tan.

A natural Anti-cellulite therapy.
For contouring and detoxifying.
Eliminates water retention
Eliminates bloating.
Opens the pores and awakens the skin.

Best Used with:
A detoxifying Lymphatic massage with their very own Detox-white-tea-oil enhancing the effects of warming treatment.

Article courtesy of SpaGenie.

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