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Sensory Integration Treatment for Autistic Children in Dubai

April is Autism Awareness Month and Expat Echo Dubai looks at one of the treatments available in Dubai for families with Autistic Children.

Over the years, numerous investigations have illustrated a connection between Sensory Integration Treatment and advancing the quality of life for people with Autism. Sensory Integration Treatment at Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy Services is a useful tool to educate Autistic young children how to interact with their environment. One of the major adversities Autistic young children face is how they see the environment. Often, their sensory impulses are at odds with what is anticipated by society.

Autistic young children often face critical adversity organizing their sensory insights and often self-destructive behaviors or activities that are seen to be senseless is the result. Autistic persons occasionally will not see their own physicality and resort to these behaviors to “feel” something. For example, some Autistic young children may bang their head against a wall repeatedly or rotate in circles. Others have been renowned to self-damage or smash into objects. These behaviors are the direct outcome of sensory integration impairment.

Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy Services’ method of Sensory Integration Treatment tries to mitigate these behaviors by educating how to integrate data accumulated through the senses: smell, flavor, feel, hearing and blend these stimuli with what is currently understood to be the correct responses.

As with grades of severity of Autism, there are furthermore distinct grades in which Autistic young children suffer from sensory integration dysfunction (SID). These grades vary from gentle to critical and can either manifest in a need of sensitivity to the natural environment or an unchanging state of over-sensitivity.

Ms. Michelle Kashani the occupational therapist at Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy Services is the expert that practices Sensory Integration Therapy. Using diverse methods it is likely to advance engrossment, hearing abilities, personal balance, engine functioning, and impulse command in Autistic children.

Article written by Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services

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