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silla_iconThe Search for a good Doctor made easier in Dubai.

What do you do when looking for the best hotel in a city you have never been to? Nowadays many of us head straight to the Internet, ask a friend – or post a status update on Facebook. Getting referrals from other people when making travel plans is now one of the most reliable ways to get exactly what you’re looking for. But what happens when you move to a new country and you need to find a doctor? What happens when you’ve been here for years and all of a sudden you fall pregnant and need to know which hospital provides the best maternity care?

When you move to Dubai there are a thousand things to think about – but few of us put much thought in to how to find a good doctor. When the time comes and you need one, it instantly becomes a dilemma.

Until now the only way to find your way has been to speak to friends or via word-of-mouth. That’s fine if you’ve been here for many years and know lots of people – but for the vast majority of people in Dubai – a place with a highly transient population – it’s often been a stab in the dark.

A new brand has launched that is specifically dedicated to sharing experiences of healthcare in the UAE. It’s called Silla and it is the place to go to find and recommend healthcare practitioners. It has been cited in Aquarius Magazine as ‘The Trip Advisor of the Healthcare Industry in the UAE’. If you are looking for a specialist, enables you to search by name and profession.

Like Trip Advisor, it’s easy to find what you are looking for. And if you have been to see a doctor that you liked, you can leave a recommendation on Silla so that others can benefit from your positive experience.

Right now it features almost two hundred GP’s, more than 150 dentists and more than a hundred paediatricians, obstetricians and gynaecologists. It’s growing daily and includes a wide spectrum of health and well-being practitioners too.

Silla means ‘connection’ in Arabic and was created by the community for the community.

Be part of this growing and exciting community and post a recommendation right now for a practitioner that you believe in at
Silla – Connecting People to Healthcare.

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