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Tori Loves Slim Spa

Cellulite, that cottage cheese-like spread that all too often appears on our thighs, bum and elsewhere is truly the devils work. And even though we all suffer from it to some degree, even the likes of Jen and Angelina, I’m still not best pleased when I catch a glimpse of my rear view demonstrating said cottage cheese peeking out from behind a cute bikini. So with this in mind, after a hard-working couple of hours on my feet, I packed myself off to Slim Spa on SZR for an invigorating Lymphatic Drainage and Anti-Cellulite Massage.

Slim Spa is a super friendly no-nonsense spa in Al Attar Business Tower, just along from Emirates Towers. Only once behind the unassuming entrance, do you find a large, spacious sweet-smelling space with experts on hand to get your waist nipped, your backside clipped and your body just made more gorgeous full-stop. Slim Spa specialize in treatments for weight loss, cellulite reduction and body sculpting but don’t assume from the name that it’s only for those struggling with their weight as their treatments are geared for everyone. Everyone, after all has areas that could be perfected.

My treatment, I was warned, would be a little sore as the therapist really targets the lymphatic tissue deep down to improve drainage as well as improve circulation. By kneading the tissue, excessive fluid is eliminated and replaced with smoother, softer skin. It was indeed a little sore, but really only a little and when the kneading was done, my lovely therapist worked on the relaxing part of the treatment with a back massage. Once over, a green tea followed and I was let loose once more onto Sheikh Zayed Road. It was rush hour but after such a zen-inducing experience, I felt cool and calm, ready to get myself to Abs Blaster and Body Balance. All in a days work.

Stacey, the Slim Spa owner is divine, inside and out. And she is gorgeous. I asked her how she manages to look so amazing, despite being a young mum. Her reply? “My treatments.” I don’t think you could get a better testimonial than that.

Now that I’m home, on close inspection, my lumps and bumps have considerably reduced and my skin definitely feels more toned. But the best bit is just the wonderful feeling of rest and relaxation that came from a massage full stop and continues to be with me now.

Slim Spa is a hidden gem; offering a menu of treatments that not only treat you in a i-want-to-feel-like-a-princess manner, that all us Dubai girls know and love, but also in a fast-effective-results-based-and-image-enhancing sort of way. So next time you catch a glimpse of some unsightly cottage cheese lurking behind you, call Slim Spa and let Stacey and her team work their magic. With our year-round-sunshine and regular beach days, we owe it to ourselves to ditch those dimples as best we can.

Slim Spa
Tel: 04 343 7987
Mob: 050 859 5662

Article courtesy of Fit Chicks & Fast Women.

Tori Leckie is a long time high-altitude mountaineer, long distance runner, marathon and ultra winner and all round sports, fitness, health and wellbeing junkie.

She is also Adidas’s first sponsored athlete in the Middle East.

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