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Waiter, How Much is that Bottle of Water?

When moving to Dubai one of the most important things to remember is “keep hydrated”.  The temperatures are harsh and the air-conditioning is fierce. Health experts tell us to drink lots of water at all times  however  this becomes costly when restaurants charge exorbitant prices. Back in the Summer The National newspaper reported on how it was wrong and illegal for restaurants in the UAE to charge vastly inflated prices for locally bottled water reporting that some restaurants charged  mark-ups of more than 1000 per cent!

In the article it was reported that the Ministry of Economy informed them that restaurants were not allowed to increase the price of local bottled water beyond the supermarket price, which is regulated by the ministry. The Ministry urged patrons to report restaurants that overcharged. “We have a hotline that consumers should be using, to tell us when they are charged Dh10 for a bottle of water”, he said. “We will then take the necessary steps to prosecute the establishment, warn them, fine them, whatever we have to do to make sure the law is upheld’. The Ministry of Economy protection Hotline is 600 522225“.

However in 2012 UAE residents are still being charged highly inflated prices. Continue Reading in The National.

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2 Responses to “Waiter, How Much is that Bottle of Water?”

  1. Judith says:

    I recently had to pay 10 dhs for 0.33 ml of local water at Dubai Mall, at the little caffe on the left just next to the main exit to the Fountain… Next time i am there i will check the name and deffinetelly will report it – its a rip off, so beware..

  2. sujatha says:

    Thanx a lot for this piece of information- I didnt know that it was illegal to overcharge – I have been overcharged so many times.Will store the hotline no. in my phone and will report the next time I am overcharged.

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