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i-drink-local-water-in-dubaiMBLM launches new mobile web app for I Drink Local Campaign. Technology enabling participation.

Recognising mobility as one of the key attributes of modern consumers, MBLM have developed a new mobile application to support the I Drink Local Campaign and enable UAE residents to participate, whereverthey are.

I Drink Local supports the supply of local water and encourages consumer choice. Jae Hwang, Partner at MBLM, said, “We’ve been getting a lot of favorable feedback from the local community and we’re very proud to have made such a big splash with not only the campaign but the website as well. Many people are logging in and tagging locations so we wanted to go a step further and allow users to tag restaurants and coffee shops from the convenience of their own smart phones and tablets.” mobile-friendly site, which is compatible with the most popular smart phones (such asiPhone and Android), uses location services (via GPS) to recognize and display not only the location of the user but also the restaurants in the vicinity. In this way, users are able to quickly andsuccessfully tag the locations that serve local water along with the ones that do not.

Having seen a surge in social media activity since launching on Facebook and Twitter in February, MBLM are confident that the mobile web app will effect check in rates at the same rate. All users have to do is key in the address to their smart phone or tablet and save it as a bookmark. That way wherever they are, they canaccess the campaign and check in. The more establishments marked serving local water, the more positive an impact will be had on those that don’t to change their buying patterns and offer choice to UAE consumers.

MBLM’s approach to changing perceptions about brands has evolved to meet today’s demands. Specializing in creating greater intimacy between people, brands and technology, this mobile application will enhance the “I Drink Local” campaign intimacy . “This application is just one of many that we plan on releasing to the public; there are still a number of developments in the works for I Drink Local. We also hope to reach out to and establish a closer relationship with local water companies to see how we can work together to benefit everyone,” explains William Shintani, Parter at MBLM.
The mobile web app will launch on Wednesday March 20th 2013

About I Drink Local
Disenchanted with establishments who only offered expensive imported brands, MBLM launched I DrinkLocal in September 2012 to promote local water distribution. It is a social campaign created and developed by MBLM to support a good cause for the environment, the country and the economy we live in. Offering consumers a voice to express their desire for choice and exposing a trend that is controversial. MBLM’s Research has shown that drinking local water can save an average consumer 4000AED per year and whilst we are not against imported water brands, I Drink Local would like to see local water supplied at every food and beverage and retail outlet in the UAE. I Drink Local is about respecting and facilitating consumer choice and offering consumers a voice.

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2 Responses to “Walk.Talk.Drink.Local.Water.”

  1. Suhrob says:

    Hi my name is Suhrob I am a student ! Could you so kind please to send me a last analysis of drinking water in Dubai. I need it for my diploma work.Thank you so much !

    • Louise says:

      Please contact the people running I Drink Water Campaign directly.
      Many thanks
      Expat Echo Dubai

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