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How to Set Up Landline, Internet and Cable

Etisalat and Du are the sole providers on internet services in the UAE.


Etisalat’s internet offers various internet access options for residential users, from a basic dial up connection to high speed ADSL connection. To apply for an Etisalat plan the subscriber must be a resident of Dubai. 

A standard telephone line is also required for internet and cable service. Billing commences with the first log-in or 21 days from the date of application. The activation period is typically the same day if there is not a technical visit required.  Here is also an article on general cable costs in Dubai.

Key Tips:

  • To apply bring: Passport (original and copy)
  • Residence permit (original plus 2 copies)
  • Subscription fee (costs vary by package selected)
  • Etisalat operating hours are Sunday-Thursday 8:00-18:00
  • Subscription fees vary by plan and can be paid (cash or credit card) at the Etisalet counter.


Most new developments are serviced by du.  Since du signed contracts to service these buildings many are pre-wired to service du service television, landline and internet.  Du’s internet service is packaged with their landline and television services. Activation: 4-5 days to get connected.  Be aware if the building is new it may take time before du services can be installed, contact du before applying to see if your building is ready for activation or not.

Key Tips:

  • To apply bring passport and tenancy agreement (original and copy)
  • Customers must own or reside in an area serviced by du.
  • Bring completed application form available at any du office
  • Du locations (office hours may vary) depending on location

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