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How to Set Up DEWA

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is the sole provider of electricity, water and sewerage in Dubai.  Please see below application process and list of required documents.  There is also reference to an article about monitoring your DEWA bill to ensure the correct housing fee is tracked on bill amounts.


Application Process:
1. Collect application for DEWA services from Customer Care Center/or on-line
2. Submit the signed application form along with the required documents at any of the Customer Care Centers or on-line
3. Pay the security deposit at the payment counter and collect the security deposit receipt.

Documents Required (for personal connection):
1. Duly filled-out Application Form and signed.
2. Copy of signed Tenancy Contract.
3. Passport copy (Tenant and Landlord) with valid visa page.
4. Proof of Ownership or Deed of Sale or Sales Agreement copy.
5. Authorization letter, in the absence of the applicant.

Additional Documents (if the property is leased by the company)
1. NOC issued by the company.
2. Trade license of the company.
3. Passport copy of the company’s authorized signatory.

Fees / Charges
1. Security deposit – is mandatory, subject for refund upon vacating the premises (only with original receipt)
a. Villa – AED 4,000  b. Apartment – AED 2,000
2. Connection Fee – is applicable upon registration (AED 100)*.
3. Admin Fee – is applicable for every connection application (AED 10).
4. Housing Fees – is levied on all expatriates in Dubai as part of the services provided by Dubai Municipality.


Important Numbers, Email and Website to Remember

  • Toll free 800900 – for any queries, clarifications and complaints on Dubai Municipality Housing Fees.
  • Tel (+971 4 601 9999 – for queries, complaints and feedback on DEWA services.
  • – the official website of DEWA
  • Fax (+971 4 324 8111) – if you want to send documents related to your service.

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