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Adult Diving Lessons Dubai

DUDIVE_25Sep12_038-12014 is well under way and most of those New Year resolutions of keeping fit and healthy have probably already drifted to the back of your mind. If you aimed to kick start 2014 with a new healthy life style but didn’t quite manage to get things off the ground we may just have the answer for you!

DuDive springboard and high board diving club, operating at Hamdan Sports Complex, offers adult diving lessons for beginner’s right through to experienced ex-athletes.

Diving offers an all round body workout with numerous benefits:

  • Diving improves flexibility which helps increase blood flow and reduce risk of injury
  • Diving helps improve posture which can help reduce back pain and wear on joints
  • Diving improves core stability which can help you achieve a flat tummy
  • Finally by being active your body releases endorphins which help reduce stress, ward off anxiety and boost self esteem.

Adult diving lessons are tailored to your ability so – if you’re wanting to overcome your fear of water, wanting to keep fit or ready to attempt that double twisting front one and a half somersault from the ten metre DuDive has the class for you.

So now you know! Diving doesn’t just have to be for those fearless youngsters, DuDive is ready to help you accomplish those goals and fears and give you a hand to a more healthy and fun filled 2014.

Contact Details:   Dan 050 526 7700

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