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Autism in Dubai

Out of the frustration faced by the mother of an autistic child in Dubai due to not finding much needed adequate information on Autism to meet her child’s needs, a blog/site Autism in Dubai was born hoping to become a support network and a central source of information about Autism in Dubai (including appropriate centers, schools, activities, doctors etc) for all other parents who face the same challenges today.   Hopefully it will lessen the burden and create a short-cut to help others in a similar position and show them that they are not alone.

The goal is to connect all those dealing with autism in Dubai, in both a personal and professional capacity, so that they can help each other understand, support, educate and obtain information. We envisage this becoming a one-stop Dubai-centric directory for those looking to find local establishments catering to those who suffer from autism and their carers alike.

Autism in Dubai’s mission is to provide a central source of information for parents of Autistic children in Dubai, by sharing local contacts (for schools, doctors, centers), ideas, treatments, support groups, and providing an open platform where anything and everything Autism related can be shared and discussed.

Parents of Autistic children: please do subscribe on to receive regular posts and updates and help us grow the site by adding any valuable information you wish to share with other parents.  Valuable information is also shared on their facebook page.

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One Response to “Autism in Dubai”

  1. sarah walton says:

    Thanks for the info – looks like a great site, and we need all the support we can get

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