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BubbleBum Booster Seat Makes Travel a Breeze and now there’s a Free App

Bubble Bum 3If you’ve ever found yourself lugging a booster seat out of your car and into somebody else’s (or worse – into a plane!) I can almost guarantee that in the process you banged it on various parts of the car and yourself, and perhaps even uttered some language you weren’t entirely proud of. Why are they so enormous? Well, as it turns out, not all of them are…Enter the Bubblebum.

Traditionally booster seats are unfortunately cumbersome and uncomfortable plastic contraptions that neither kids nor parents like – which in practice means that booster seats are often left out, particularly when traveling abroad. Well safety need not be compromised anymore, feast your eyes on the Bubblebum, inflatable, colorful and flexible. Designed for use with a standard adult 3 point seat belt, not only does it conform to all relevant safety standards but it also weighs less than half a kilo, deflates and folds neatly into a package small enough to fit in a handbag or backpack – and it’s nice to sit on! My mind is spinning imagining all the ways that a portable, lightweight booster seat would simplify car pooling, taxi rides and plane trips, let alone day to day travel. Plus it’s cheap – you can pick one up directly from Bubblebum for AED 215 including free delivery in the UAE!

Bubble bumDesigned for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years, between 15kg to 36kg and less than 135cm, Bubblebum is fun to look at and incredibly simple to use. It’s serious about safety and conforms to all necessary European and US car seat regulations.

So why should every family with children have one?
It’s safe. It meets all current legislation regarding car seats, and also features belt guides on the side of the seat and on the shoulder which prevent the lap belt from riding up above the bony pelvis onto the soft abdomen, and the shoulder strap from resting against the neck. These are major causes of injury to children restrained incorrectly.
It’s convenient. Lightweight, portable and foldable, you can easily carry one or more with you in your bag and store it easily in the car or at home.
It’s comfortable. There’s no rigid plastic so it’s kind on little legs (and on your leather seats!). All Bubblebums come with a positioning belt for the shoulder strap of the safety belt which is a comfort feature more than a safety feature but nevertheless helps put the parent’s mind at rest.Bubble bum 1
It’s compact. Assuming you have enough three-point seat belts, you can easily fit three Bubblebums across the back seat or one in-between two larger, regular car seats.
It’s cost-effective. Bubblebum retails for just AED199, making it a much cheaper alternative to car seat rental from car hire companies when you travel and a low-cost standby for use at home.

Bubble Bum 2Car accidents are the number one killer of children in the UAE. Even if you restrain your children in the rear seat using a seat belt, they still face the prospect of death or serious injury if they do not use an appropriate seat. Using a booster seat can reduce the chance of injury by an incredible 59 per cent.

Bubblebum is priced at AED 215 and is available with free delivery at

The portable, fun, lovable BubbleBum app

Bubble Bum AppFrom the makers of the innovative inflatable Bubble Bum child car booster seat, this brilliant travel app contains a range of fun games to play on the go to keep the kids entertained for hours. There’s also a handy travel checklist feature to make sure you’ve packed everything you need for your journey.



was voted one of the safest car booster seats on the market by the US Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

Check out the Bubblebum facebook page for the latest news. Fans can also ask questions and enter competitions.

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