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Build & Race Your Own Hobby Grade Radio Control Car in Dubai

Like Radio Control Cars/Trucks/Airplanes/Helicopters?
When moving to Dubai, families are always looking for lists of activities available out there for there kids.  Activities where children can meet other children with common interests.  There is an abundance of sporting activities but finding niche hobbies can sometimes be more of a hunt.  If your child is into remote control cars this upcoming event maybe something your child will enjoy.

Most of the radio control Cars/Trucks/Airplanes/Helicopters you see in stores are toys. Yes, I said most, not ALL. You play with them, they break, you throw them away! That’s the end to it. But if you want something that can take a lot more abuse, can be repaired, upgraded to perform better and most importantly, can give you hours and hours of fun, you need something which is Hobby Grade.

This is the place where you can know more about Hobby Grade RC and the best way to get into it!

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