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Buying School Uniforms Online

It’s the end of term and most children have just about made it to the last day with uniform intact all be it with paint decorating their shirts but for most a new uniform will definitely have to be purchased on return from holiday.

The thought of that uniform shopping day used to fill me with dread – Mothers and children all squeezing into one shop trying to get their reluctant children to try on trousers, skirts & P.E. kits and then leaving the shop disgruntled with only half the required list as they were “out of stock” again! 

However, for some Dubai children  that agonizing trip to the shops will never have to happen as uniforms can now be purchased and paid for online through Magrudy’s.  Just click on your school,  scroll through the list clicking on the right sizes and fill your basket all on-line.  The purchases delivered straight to your home without little Jimmy ever taking his eyes of his PS3!

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