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Click! Seat Belts Keep Kids Safe

Take Your Seats!

Al Nisr Media, publishers of Aquarius, e+, 4men, Property, Friday, InsideOut and Wheels, has launched an awareness campaign to keep our children safe on UAE roads.

FAST FACT: 98% of children in the UAE do not travel in car safety seats. Seat belts save lives – so make sure your child is buckled in.

The single biggest killer of children between the ages of two and 14 in the UAE is motor vehicle accidents, with 63 per cent child deaths last year attributed to road accidents. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if children had been strapped into car seats or were wearing seat belts.

Add your voice to the Click! campaign. Sign up to the Click! Facebook fan page, or share your thoughts by emailing The Facebook page has been created for all parties involved in promoting Child Car Safety to utilise and to spread details and information about their campaigns.

Together, we can make a difference. All are encouraged to post details of events, research and other car-safety related happenings on this page. Along with plenty of helpful products you’ll find numerous informative articles about car seat safety. Here is just one example;

Read the full article here

If your child has outgrown their booster seat and is now using a regular seat belt, check they are wearing it correctly. Use the adjustable anchorage point to ensure the diagonal part of the belt is not too close to the neck. It should fit snugly across the middle of the shoulder and chest. The hip section of the belt should stretch below the hips – not across the abdomen – to avoid injuring internal organs.

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