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Cooper Nursery Opens It’s Doors.

The Cooper Nursery was set up by a pediatrician and an educationalist who both have a passion for children. With that in mind the nursery has specialist rooms for specific play. For example there is a Sensory Room that caters for seven senses, sight, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, rocking and cuddling. There is a Learning Resource Centre with an interactive board with educational software, listening skill games and a variety of fiction and non fiction books and a Gym for physical play and musical movement. There is a large Art Studio for children to express themselves creatively and all classrooms are set up with a host of activities and toys that enhance different types of play.

Cooper Nursery follows the Foundation Stage Profile and Birth to Three Matters but approaches these curriculum though Reggio Emilia that encourages children to learn through play and to investigate and discover the world around them. We see the child as an individual and in so doing embellish on each child’s talents to aid them to be self confident, self motivated and self assured whilst giving respect to those around them.

Cooper Nursery is open from five days a week from 07.30am to 5pm and have three separate sessions to suit everyone. Contact Cooper Nursery on +971-4-3809077 or on

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