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Digital Photography Level 1 – Youth Edition

gpp-kids-workshopHave you bought a DSLR and your kids use it more than you do? Are they always pestering you to show them how it works? Do you want to get them out the house and let them get creative?

Let GPP teach your kids how to take control of their (your!) DSLR camera now, with this hands-on workshop.

This 4 hour introductory course requires no prior experience at all!

The objective of this class is to get your kids comfortable with a DSLR, show them its most useful functions and give them basic tips and rules for creating more compelling photos.

Most of all its going to be loads of fun – there are plenty of exciting activities to keep them engaged throughout the session!

The content of the course is based on the features and knowledge required for Digital SLR (DSLR) cameras, it is not suitable for digital ‘point & shoot’ cameras.

This workshop is for young people aged between 10-16.

What is Included:
• 4 hours of classroom instruction (30 minutes lunch break)
• Photography ‘cheat-sheet’ to take home
• Certificate of attendance

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