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Dubai School Fee Increases

school-fee-hike‘Outstanding’ Dubai schools allowed 3.48% fee hike: KHDA
Decision follows resolution by Dubai Executive Council to cap increase in school fees at between 5-7% based on Education Cost Index

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has stated that the school fee increase for the new academic year 2014-15 based on the new resolution passed by the Executive Council of Dubai on Sunday will be 3.48 per cent for “outstanding” schools, 2.61 per cent for “good” and 1.74 per cent for the rest.

The schools, however, can avail of this change only after the Dubai School Inpection Bureau (DSIB) results are made public.

The Executive Council of Dubai had earlier unveiled a resolution to cap the increase in school fees between 5-7 per cent.

This is a parameter that will change annually depending on the ECI (Education Cost Index), performance of the school and inflation.

This year, the KHDA has derived the fee hike based on these calculations.

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