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Fairy Godmother Club

If there is one thing that every expat mom needs in her life it is a strong support system. Being so far from family can be very difficult. As moms, we need people in our lives that we can trust, whether it’s someone to talk to or someone to help out with the children at a moments notice.

There are many reasons that every mother should have a strong support system. One of the biggest reasons is to minimize isolation. For stay-at-home Moms, this is crucial. As expats, there are many of us who don’t have a local network of friends and family. And feeling isolated can also be a little terrifying when you’re far from home family and the comfort of your home country. Not being able to have a backup when needed can really test a mother’s confidence.

Remember, the key to eliminating mom-related anxiety and stress, is to know what resources you have available to you. Having a strong support system will always help in a time of need. No one understands a feeling or a situation any more than someone else who has been through it – or who may still be going though it. This is what the Fairy Godmother Club means to me. Having a support system in place when I need it most gives me a level of comfort I’ve been looking for.

How strong is your support system? The Fairy Godmother Club is a resource available to moms with young children who need someone to help out as well as to moms with grown children who want to help out. Why not explore your hidden potential by joining the Fairy Godmother Club?

~ by Kristin Fucik

6 Responses to “Fairy Godmother Club”

  1. Susie Fletcher says:

    I would love to be part of your group. I love children and have been a life coach for four years.
    would it be possible for me to phone someone to chat about what needs to be done to join, and find out more?
    Susie Fletcher 0559723903

  2. Lucretia Lennox says:

    Good morning,

    Having my friend around yesterday with her two adorable twins she told me all about your wesbit, and would love to be able to help out in anyway. I have been CRB checked as I worked in a local hospice in the Uk treating patients with Holistic Therapies, and no I’m not airy fairy but a little ditzy.

    Anyway if i can help in any way please feel free to get in contact with me.

    All the best

    Lucretia Lennox

    MOB 0551144731

    • Expat Echo Dubai says:

      Hi Lucretia. Please visit Fairy Godmother’s facebook for further information on how to get involved. The link is provided in the article.
      Expat Echo Dubai

  3. anne says:


    I do not have a fb account. Is there another way to get more info on this club please?

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