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Five Sanity Saving Ways to Manage Travelling with Kids

bubs-boutique-travelling-with-kidsWell, summer’s well and truly here – and unless you’re determined to stay in Dubai for the whole season, most conversations include, ‘where are you off to on your hols?’

But while it’s lovely to chat about upcoming vacations, there’s a certain amount of trepidation when the nitty-gritty matter of actually ‘getting there’ is discussed – especially for those of us with young kids and babies to transport. Basically, whoever coined the phrase, ‘To travel is better than to arrive,’ clearly never attempted a long journey with children…

Here are our top five tips for families wanting to arrive at their destination in better shape.

1: Get organised
Make sure your carry-on bags are well organized. What you take with you on the plane will have a significant impact on how well your journey unfolds. Make sure you have dedicated pockets and compartments where essential items are stored neatly for quick and easy access. There’s nothing worse than having to empty your entire holdall onto the plane seat just to find that sachet of Calpol or the babywipes. We know because we’ve done it!

2: Take snacks
Children with low blood sugar levels are much more challenging than those who are well fed – especially if they’ve been up since 4am. Take a range of energizing snacks with you to keep them topped up. Dried fruit, small packets of crackers, cereal bars and fruit sachets will take the edge off their hunger and keep those jet-lag induced tantrums at bay. Baby food sachets weigh less than jars and you can even use them without a spoon – which comes in handy if you’ve forgotten to pack one!

3: Be prepared
You never know when accidents may happen. Once, one of our little darlings shut his finger in the hinge of a loo door just minutes before we had to get on a flight. Thankfully, we’d packed a small first aid kit. Some antiseptic, a Winnie the Pooh plaster and some TLC later and we were all set to go. These are great to use throughout your holiday. Keep one stashed in the glove compartment of your car for little emergencies while you’re out and about. Mothers of boys will know exactly what we’re talking about.

4: Travel light
Quite frankly, there’s an awful lot of baby ‘travel’ gear out there that won’t make your life easier. For example, have you ever tried carting about a traditional-style travel cot? It’s like dragging a full set of golf clubs around! So, if possible, anything that folds up flat or can be popped in your handbag is a good choice. Think about investing in a travel baby carrier too, for those arm-achingly long treks through the airport once your buggy has been checked in.

5: Entertainment all the way
Forget about all those warnings that you could spoil your child. Travelling is the one time where new games and toys will literally save your sanity. Anything small and light that could fire up their imaginations for more than five minutes is worth the investment. iPads, chargers, portable DVD players (for the hire car), new books and Top Trump packs, are a must for older kids (it stops the bickering), while magic drawing pads, craft kits and puzzles can keep younger kids well amused too.

Article Courtesy of:
Paula Harrington and Kirsten Fairfield who have five children between them and have made the summer trek back home many times. Check out their range of travel products at

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