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HaHaHabibi is the new oasis for improv in Dubai, conducting fun, interactive workshops in improvisational comedy theater. The sessions, for actors and non-actors alike, are designed to improve creative thinking, team building and communication skills. It’s equally useful to scriptwriters, directors and anyone who needs some creative, free association.

Why improv?

Improv has multiple applications for any and everyone because life doesn’t hand you a script, all you can do is IMPROVISE!

It can be likened to racing your camel at night with the headlights off – scary and exciting. And at the end of the day… so much fun!

HaHaHabibi runs weekly workshops FREE of charge every Tuesday (8pm – 10pm) and Saturday (5pm – 7pm) in South Ridge, Downtown Burj Khalifa Area.

Soon HaHaHabibi will also be starting 6 week improv workshops for kids, every Saturday for 300AED per child – time, date and venue are yet to be confirmed. Check the HaHaHabibi facebook fan page for updates.

Want to know more or become an improv Bedouin?

Drop HaHaHabibi a line at

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