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Hartland International School | “Gifted and Talented Education” Program.

hartland-international-school-dubaiHartland International School have recently appointed Martin Stephen, a world expert in Gifted and Talented education, as the Project Leader for the school’s “Gifted and Talented Education” Program.

Martin defines Gifted and Talented (nowadays more commonly known as the ‘more able’) as  “those who show significantly more ability in one or more areas than the average for the age cohort. Worldwide, countries vary in the percentage of children who fall in to this category, but a working figure would be perhaps 15%. Another ball park figure: the more able often average 20-25% higher marks in a mixed-ability class than the average for the class. However, that can be in only one small subject or area. It’s important to stress that it’s ability not achievement that matters. It’s also worth stressing that Effort In = Results Out, meaning that a number of those achieving to the level of the more able do not necessarily have an IQ in the top 15%; what they do have is stamina and the ability to concentrate.”

In 2012 he was funded to visit any country he chose in the world to see how they educated their most able children, and is joint author with Ian Warwick of the acclaimed book Educating the More Able Student. What Works and Why. Speaking about the topic, Martin stated “Our gifted and talented children are the only valuable natural resource that the world neglects.”

Hartland International School will make sure that children who show early signs of promising talent don’t go unnoticed. With their Gifted and Talented programme, their teachers will recognise the children’s keen interests in a particular field and help build on them to achieve significantly higher outcomes.

Martin will be delivering a presentation within the British Business Group Forum on Wednesday 22nd April on the topic of Disruptive Intelligence: how to get the best from Gifted and Talented employees. Martin will be discussing key issues regarding gifted and talented graduates moving into the workplace. Martin will draw on his own first-hand experiences and international research to scrutinize techniques and practices from leading countries, exploring the more divisive issues that have damaged teaching worldwide.


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