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Importance of Pediatric First Aid Courses

Dr Phillips from Synergy Integrated Medical Centre will in this article give insight to the importance of pediatric first aid courses and what to expect to learn attending one.

Dr. Randall Phillips is an Emergency Specialist, expert in Sports Medicine and he is practicing family medicine. He runs monthly Pediatric First Aid Courses for parents.

Pediatric First Aid Courses

Finding yourself as the first responder when your child needs emergency medical care is likely to be a frightening experience, and more so if you are unsure of the correct action to take while you wait for medical assistance. To ensure you have the knowledge and confidence necessary to deal with an emergency situation involving your baby or child, consider attending a Pediatric First Aid Course to equip yourself with the basic skills.

A Pediatric First Aid Course arms you with the necessary training to limit injuries to your children during medical emergencies. Being first time expecting parent or already a parent, it is a good investment to attend a Pediatric First Aid Course.

Despite the technical nature of course material, no prior knowledge is required. The First Aid Courses are tailored towards those of a non-medical background. They are designed to teach someone with no previous medical experience what they can do as a first responder to a potentially serious accident or event involving a baby or a child.

When looking for a course, you should ensure it covers a number of key aspects of first response. The course should cover how to respond to an unconscious child and include urgent care situations such as cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), choking and other breathing problems, burns, head injuries and convulsions.

In our courses at Synergy Integrated Medical Centre we teach course attendees how to deal with non-urgent medical cases such as care of bleeding wounds, fractures and sprains. The courses additionally cover care of fever and consequences, heat-related illnesses, which are very important in this region, care of animal bites, allergic reactions and nosebleeds.

Is it enough to attend one course?

Synergy Integrated Medical Centre encourages questions throughout the course so that any or all potential problems are talked about. It is recommended to repeat the course every two years to strengthen your knowledge and pick up more information.  Also, every few years the recommendations change as medical care evolves and ongoing studies come up with new best practices in urgent care.

If you have questions to Dr. Randall Phillips you can send an e-mail to

Pediatric First Aid at Synergy Integrated Medical Centre

Pediatric First Aid courses are held at Synergy Integrated Medical Centre on a monthly basis, usually on Saturdays from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. The cost per person is 250 dhs ; handouts are provided and certificates of attendance are issued. Please call 04 348 5452 for booking your next course. For more details visit:

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