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Is Your Child Registered for Nursery School?

“Children grow up so quick” – how many times have you heard that being said? When you were a child, you felt you would be a child forever and it is only when you become a parent yourself, you realize that phrase is so true. One minute your baby was barely able to hold it’s head up and next thing you know, you are being told to register them for nursery.

Unfortunately in Dubai, just like schools, nursery places can sometimes be at a premium, so don’t leave it too late to start visiting the nurseries and making your choice. Try and understand the different options of curriculum available at nurseries. Maybe your child would suit a Montessori education, opposed to an Early Years Program, or maybe you would like your child to be taught at a French speaking nursery, opposed to a nursery where the only language is English.

To help with your initial search, check out the Expat Echo Dubai Nursery Directory, which also gives you a useful map to pin point the location of each nursery.

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