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Little Innoscents Launches in the Middle East

Little Innoscents– Australia’s premium organic babycare brand – is announcing another new overseas retailer in the Middle East, Dubai.

The Australian Certified Organic skincare brand will be available through Spinneys – a supermarket chain which holds a strong position in retailing and wholesale of general consumer goods throughout the Middle East.
Director Antoinette Golikidissays “this is a major break though for consumers in the region. So many products, including those by some major international brands, claim to be organic when this simply isn’t the case,” she said. Clever marketers know that words like organic and natural can persuade consumers, especially parents who want the best for their babies, to buy their products.

Ms Golikidis said there were only a handful of baby skincare products sold worldwide that were 100% certified organic. “Achieving certified organic status is no easy thing,” she said. “It means there are no chemicals, colourings or petroleum-derived additives in the product and must contain more than 95% certified organic ingredients. The remaining non-organic ingredients must be naturally produced plant products and/or natural, non toxic preservatives/additives”.

Little Innoscents Director Antonette Golikidis says organic certification has been vital in making yet another overseas retailer partnership come to pass. “Little Innoscents is going from strength to strength in the overseas markets, which command that ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ cosmetics have claims you can actually trust,” she said. “Our Australian Certified Organic certification had been pivotal in offering a stronger and more respected brand image to the discerning Middle East Market.”

Little Innoscents boats 100% natural ingredients; is proudly Australian Made and the range includes: Hair & Bodywash, Massage Lotion, Massage Oil, Mineral Powder, Nappy Cream, Vapour Bar, Cleansing Soap Bar and a gorgeous Travel Pack.

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