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Move One – Bringing Holiday Cheer to the Children of Uganda

This holiday season Move One will be working with Kit Out Kids to send a shipment of sporting goods to Uganda in place of purchasing corporate Christmas gifts.

Kit Out Kids is a Dubai-based volunteer group dedicated to providing new and used sporting equipment and apparel to underprivileged children around the world affected by poverty and disease.

Move One will be donating shoes, uniforms, and a collection of football and baseball equipment to outfit a number of schools in the Kampala region of Uganda.

Many children in Uganda walk to school in bare feet and are without access to many of the sports we take for granted, due to the simple fact they lack the necessary equipment.

Sport and play are essential in developing important life skills, improving health, and fostering peace in communities like Kampala. Through sporting programs children learn cooperation, teamwork, and leadership that positively impact their lives.

Move One is proud to support Kit Out Kids and their goal of ensuring that all kids have an opportunity to learn and grow through sport and play.

Move One — Giving the Gift of Sport this Holiday Season


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