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My Travel Journal

My Travel Journal” as the title explains is a travel journal to be used by children while traveling to other cities and countries around the world. Often children are not sure what to write about, “My Travel Journal’’ is filled with prompts and interesting facts to look out for and write about. The journal takes a child from when the family decides to take a trip, to what to pack, where to stay, foreign words they will need, their favourite moments, facts on the city and country they visited, money matters and a world map to highlight cities they visited. There are also many pages that allow the child to write freely about their daily activities. Dedicated pages are available for drawing, creating a collage and attaching items they have collected on their trip.

There are entertaining sections such as the ‘scale of happiness’ page. This is designed to allow the child and parent to communicate and help the parent understand what the child has enjoyed so far and they can discuss other activities or places that the child would like to visit.

Besides entertaining children while travelling, “My Travel Journal” offers lots of learning possibilities, not to mention that it will be a great keepsake to share with friends and family in the future.

About the Author
Sarah Derbas enjoyed travelling and living in various countries, as a child, where she would write about her travels and collect mementos of her life. She now wants to pass her hobby on to young children. She is passionate about encouraging children to read and to have a love for writing. Sarah Derbas holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Marketing and worked for over 12 years in marketing, using her writing skills in press releases, newsletters, advertising material and corporate magazines.

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  1. Nadia says:

    How much is the journal for?

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