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Nursery Education in Dubai

One minute you are cradling a new born, next minute you are typing in the search engine of Google “nursery schools in Dubai”. You are about to enter your child into the ever changing world of education and like everything to do with your child you want the best.

At the age of two you may think your child seems too young to be starting education but at home they may not be getting enough stimulation and this is where nurseries help as they offer a place for social interaction and give a stimulating environment. The child may cry when you leave them at nursery and suffer a short time of separation anxiety however this is normal and after a few weeks most children will really enjoy nursery. Many times it is the parent who isn’t ready for nursery!

My experience of nursery education in Dubai was a great one and the friends my child made at nursery school are the same friends they still have today. But 12 years ago there were just a few options of nursery schools in Dubai so the search was an easy one. Today however Dubai has grown and there is a huge choice ranging from small independent nurseries such as Ladybird through to groups of nurseries owned by companies such as Raffles Nurseries which are located in many of the Emaar communities. Each type of nursery whether it be an independent nursery, chain of nurseries or Montessori Nursery will offer something different and will suit different families depending on their individual needs.

Many nurseries have facilities to accommodate children as young as 3 month but the majority of children start between the age of 2 and 3 years old. At this age your child will be developing hand and eye coordination, playing with puzzles to improve manual dexterity, singing songs & telling stories to improve communication skills and learning basic shape and colors.

The next stage of nursery is for ages 3 to 4. This stage is sometimes called Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) and in the English National Curriculum is the year before formal education. Many nurseries state on their website they are offering The Early Years Programme or Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This is the curriculum offered in England under the National Curriculum for children before the age of five. The day follows a more structured timetable but should still be fun as the children are still very young. It is worth noting that many schools in Dubai offer a Foundation Stage 1 facility at their school and for your child to be able to get a place at that school for Foundation 2 they will have needed to have attended FS1 as places at FS2 will be few and far between for new applicants.

When choosing a nursery start by having a look at the nursery schools directory to try and narrow your search down to nurseries in the area that you live or maybe choose a nursery school that is nearby any prospective schools or siblings schools so you can do the drop offs in one shift. If you are working or plan to go back to work make sure the nursery offers late classes to suit your working day. When you have pinpointed a few nurseries make an appointment with each one and go and see them in action. When visiting the nursery think about these points:

  • Does the actual building look safe and secure and is it well maintained?
  • Is there a shaded area for outdoor play?
  • What is the quality of the playground equipment like – does it look safe?
  • How many of the staff are qualified?
  • What is the ratio of staff to children?
  • Is there a qualified nurse on the premises?
  • How long have the staff been there?
  • What are the parking facilities like for when you drop & pick up your child?
  • How do the children appear in the classroom – are there many activities going on?
  • Are the staff fully involved with the children?

For choosing any education establishment in Dubai – don’t leave it till the last minute the good nurseries will always be very popular.

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  1. Mellie Claw says:

    Pretty informative article, I learned a few things I didn’t realize. I just found this site; it’s pretty cool. I’m going to have to look at some of your other articles.

  2. Ronnie Caliman says:

    Thanks for all the info, your blog is extremely helpful.

  3. It takes a lot to develop a child’s social skills and overall calibre. All the good nurseries in Dubai are well equipped in forming the base of your child in the most effective way through encouraging them and enriching them with the necessary modules.

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  5. Annie says:

    I wanted to thank you for this great article!

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    It is exactly what I was looking for!!! A map!!!
    Thank you, this is really helpul, now I know which ones I am going to contact!!!
    Thank you.
    By the way, your website is just fantastic!

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