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Picture Perfect

Nice cool weather and fresh air make for beautiful outdoor family portraits!  There are many factors to consider when creating the perfect exposure, from composition, lighting to clothing choices.  If taking your own family photo  proves to be too daunting, there are many talented professional photographers to hire in Dubai.  There are so many in fact, that making a choice might be difficult.  To help you find the perfect photographer for your family, here are some things to consider.

Display Space! Before choosing a photographer, think about where you want to hang your family portrait. What are the colors in that room, what style of furniture fills the space. Let the photographer know of this decor, it will help create the best image to match your room.

Style! We all have our own tastes, photographers are no different.  Each photographer has their own style, their own ways to express themselves through their photos.  Do you like photo journalistic shots or do you prefer something organized like a studio portrait?  High end studio portraits taken against a simple backdrop, fancy backdrops with many props, or low-key natural location portraiture taken by the beach or in your home?  Choose a style that suits you and then search for a photographer that has a similar style.

Budget! An obvious factor when choosing a photographer will be how much you want to spend.  Do you want to splurge on a photography package including prints, or do you have a limited budget.  Scope out the different offers out there.  Many photographers will have a session fee.  After the session fee you will have to choose between different products; prints package, framed prints, images on a DVD, or a printed album. There is also a wide variety of other options that photographers may offer, from greeting cards to fridge magnets!

Best Choice! In the end, the choice will be highly personal, only you can decide which photographer is best for you family. Consider these factors;

  • Formal training in all aspects of photography (lighting, composition, etc.)
  • Time spent on your images after the session
  • Photo editing abilities
  • Products offered

However, don’t rule anyone out that does not have all these credentials.  Some amateur photographers may just have a better eye for composition and be Photoshop-savvy compared to fully certified professional photographers.

Dubai-based photographers who specialize in family and/or children photography.


The Ania James Photography
Ania James
+971 56 621 2705

Barton Portraits
Julian Barton
+971 50 255 8515

Celeste van Rooyen Photography
Celeste van Rooyen
+971 50 461 7276

Clear and Transparent
Alex Jeffries
+ 971 50 857 2843

hotShots Dubai
Charlotte Simpson
+971 50 428 3660

Jane Louise Photography
Jane Louise Prinsloo
+971 50 770 4591

Javeria Agha Photography
+971 56 7689319.

Juicy Monkeys
David Nascimento
+971 50 468 0858

Karen Bullock Photography
Karen Bullock
Tel: +971 50 458 1846

Katrina Matthews Photography
Katrina Mathews
Tel: +971 55102 1604

Kids Paparazzi
Anja Schwerin
+971 50 851 8284

Moments Photos
Sandra Metaxas
+971 50 652 3248

Nicky Mclean Photography
Nicky Mclean
+971 55 549 2278

Fanik Photography
Farideh Niknezhad

Pink Pepper
Studio in the Dubai Mall
+971 4 434 0437

Picture People
+971 4 343 4413

Studio in Jumeirah Lakes Towers
+971 4 445 8488

Rupi & Rupert
+971 50 640 0575

Sermed Altaf Photography
Sermed Altaf
+971 50 427 6782

Shafna Ameen Photography
Shafna Ameen
+971 50 421 8129

Shippey Photography
Helen Shippey
+971 55 107 8988

Stu Williamson Photography
Team of photographers
+971 4 457 3417

Tasneem Photography
+971 55 190 6998

Terhi Karppinen Photography
Terhi Karpinnen

They Are Gorgeous
Dawn Appel
+971 50 684 4512

The Studio Dubai
+971 (0)4 347 1745

Troutie Photography
Sarah Sargent
+971 50 884 7548

Have you had your family portraits done recently?  Let us know your recommendations in the comments below!

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  1. Loulou says:

    Thanks for the tips !

  2. Denise says:

    I got amazing shots done by this photographer from miami who just recently moved to dubai, hands down guys if you want esthetic shots this is your guy to call, a true professional with a lot of heart and soul, this is his website:

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