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Remember to Buckle up The Kids

child-car-seatWhen moving to Dubai make sure you have your child seat with you and ready to use as it is law that children must be secured in a child seat or seat booster when travelling in a car. The law states that:



  • Children under nine months, or those weighing under 10kg (22 lbs), must be seated in child seats facing the rear of the car.
  • Children between nine months and four years, weighing 9kg (20 lbs) to 18kg (39 lbs), should be seated in car seats facing forward.
  • Seat boosters can be used for children between four and six years, weighing 15kg (33 lbs) to 25kg (55 lbs).
  • Support cushions can be used for children aged six to 11 years, who weigh 22kg (48 lbs) to 36kg (79 lbs).
  • Child seats should be placed on the back seat, secured with seatbelts.

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