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Students Studying in the UK at Boarding School Need a Guardian

acfmWhy appoint a Guardian?

UK schools, whose students have parents living outside the UK, require them to have a local Guardian – someone outside of school who can look after them if required. The Guardian must live in the UK and be at least 25 years of age. The term ‘Guardian’ does not mean a legally appointed person. Instead, the school Guardian acts on behalf of the parents in some instances. Some of their responsibilities include –

  • arrange transport between airport/station and school (or the guardian’s home) at half term, on weekend leaves, and during holidays, and will help the school and/or parents make travel arrangements.
  • provide board and lodgings during half-term, official weekend leaves and – if travel arrangements require it, for a day or so at the start or the end of a term. Guardians provide transport at these times if required.
  • help with the purchase of school uniform &/or equipment.
  • in case of emergency, and when parents are not available, Guardians will make necessary decisions (with advice and support from the School where appropriate). Afterwards, where appropriate, Guardians will continue to try to contact parents and/or School. (eg an ’emergency’ may take the form of giving consent for admission to hospital and/or an operation. Once a pupil is 16 years old, this consent is not required).
  • Guardians will liaise with a student’s Housemaster with any issues related to boarding.
  • represent parents at school functions eg Parents’ Meeting, school plays, sports matches etc
  • in the unlikely event of a pupil being ill and needing to travel outside the School, or a pupil being suspended from school, Guardians will take care of the student at home.

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