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The Brain Workshop

1001045_1378053225743845_351983155_aThe Brain Workshop is a KHDA approved Dubai-based cognitive skills training center established with the mission of helping children and adults overcome learning difficulties by improving their cognitive weaknesses.

The Brain Workshop’s team of professional and certified trainers implements the American BrainRx program, a well established, scientifically researched program that has helped thousands of children across the world with proven and documented results.

Not only school and university students who are struggling with homework, memory and/or attention can benefit from this program but also advanced students who desire to further sharpen their critical thinking and processing skills. The program, which addresses the root causes of attention and reading problems, offers a great help for children and adults suffering from Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD. Cognitive skills training can also help career professionals improve their job performance and unlock their potential for success.

Sahar Riad, Managing Partner at The Brain Workshop comments, “Recent research shows that roughly 80% of learning difficulties among school students, university students and even adults are due to cognitive skills weakness. With that in mind, The Brain Workshop implements powerful training that is designed to attack this cognitive weakness by sharpening the underlying skills required for learning such as attention, memory, visual and auditory processing as well as logic and reasoning.”

The first step of the brain training program is to conduct an assessment to measure current cognitive skill levels, and identify the root cause of any learning struggles. Based on the outcome of the assessment, the trainer customizes training goals to address the learner’s weaknesses and to further enhance strengths. Training will then take place on a one-on-one basis, as well as digitally through an online program. Progress is closely monitored and regularly reviewed. A final evaluation provides the full picture of the dramatic enhancement of cognitive skills that has taken place throughout the program duration.

Hadi, a 12-year-old student at The Brain Workshop, is proud of the positive impact the training has had on his performance at school. “I feel more confident and more in control after being a part of this program. And I got highest score in Math this term in my class,” Hadi explains. Nathalie, Hadi’s trainer, comments, “Hadi is a smart young boy who strives to do his best in order to achieve his goals. He enjoys the exercises that he is doing and has seen his memory and attention skills improve greatly. He can see the difference this program has made in his school work and how beneficial it has been to him.”

Brain Training, which treats the cause rather than the symptoms of cognitive skills weaknesses, can put an end to learning problems and dramatically improve a child’s self-confidence, school performance and social skills. Simply, brain training can help anyone who wants to learn, concentrate, read and think faster and easier.

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