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The Kensington Nursery fosters Creative Development in the Early Years

The Kensington Nursery delivers the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) programme, one of the most respected pre-school programmes world-wide. There are 6 main learning goals with-in the programne: Social and Emotional development: Communication, language and Literacy; problem solving reasoning and Numeracy; Knowledge and Understanding of the World; Physical Development and Creative Expression.

Creative expression is encouraged in all areas of learning. Jane Gammage Nursery Manager says “Creative expression is the ideal medium for curiosity, innovation and imagination, all crucial skills for children growing up in a rapidly changing world.”

The Kensington Nursery creates an environment that is rich in creative experiences and resources and provides opportunity for discovery, experimentation and sensory development. Parent participation is key to The Kensington’s philosophy and with this in mind they offer parent seminars and newsletters to help parents be involved in their children’s learning.

Jane continues “It is important to remember that the creative process is not about the end product; it is about expressing one’s own ideas and allowing these ideas to evolve. Adults must offer praise and encouragement and allow children to revisit project frequently and at will.

Creativity can take many forms, including responding to and expressing and communicating ideas; creating music and sounds; dancing and imaginative play. Giving your child time and space to express their creativity, will be a fun and bonding experience for child and parent alike.”

Providing Resources at home such as paints, crayons or keeping a box of materials like discarded wrapping paper, fabric swatches, string and the like, is a great idea. Making an imagination box too, of items like dress up clothes (these can be old clothes from mummy and Daddy) scarfs, hats, bags and other items will encourage imaginative play and expression. Making music from household items like upturned saucepans and wooden spoons are always a favourite with children.

Jane concludes “These creative opportunities will allow the children to make connections and achieve a new understanding of themselves and the world around them.”

In response to demand for places The Kensington Nursery will be opening new classes for the spring term starting January 2nd 2011.
If you would like to know more about The Kensington’s approach check out

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