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The Middle East’s First Online Marketplace for Kids’ Fashion

mini-exchange-dubaiMini Exchange is a new concept providing an on line marketplace for parents to buy and sell new and like-new kids’ clothing, accessories, fancy dress & school uniform. Mini Exchange does the hard work for sellers and gives buyers easy access to discounted branded and designer clothes. Items are collected from sellers for free and quality-checked by the team. They are then professionally photographed, described and listed on the site. When they sell, Mini Exchange deposits the profits directly into the seller’s account. Buyers can order from the comfort of their own homes and are assured that items purchased are nothing less than perfect – genuine, freshly laundered and in great condition.

Mini Exchange launches with over 500 products and with prices starting from as low as 50 AED. The site stocks a diverse range of labels and items from GAP pyjamas to luxury Dior dresses, catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

Giving back to the community

Mini Exchange gives users the opportunity to support some great causes across the Middle East whilst clearing out their kids’ wardrobes. The company has tied up with three reputable organisations – Start, Little Wings and Action Care – all of which work in different ways to help and support children across the region. Sellers can make a real difference to their community by listing clothes and gifting the profits directly to one of these good causes.

The website also allows individuals and organisations to support causes close to their own hearts by creating a “Mini Group”. Users can invite friends, family and colleagues to clear out their kids’ wardrobes by listing items on the site, and when the items sell the profits can be contributed to the good cause. Whether it’s supporting victims of a natural disaster, or trekking the Himalayas for a personal charity, Mini Groups allow users to support causes that matter to them.

The revolutionary platform is the brainchild of Sarah Appleton who saw a gap in the market and left a successful career in finance to start the business. As one of seven children growing up just outside London, Sarah learnt the value of hand-me-downs at a very young age. “Children grow, but their clothes don’t and the sheer volume of kids’ clothes only worn a handful of times is testament to that. I want to give parents a fun, easy and hassle-free way to clear out their kids’ wardrobes so that they can make space for all the new clothes to come.”

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