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The Power of Play

moms-and-tots-dubai-Play is at the core of any child’s development, they learn about themselves, relationships, environment and almost every life skill they will need from playing when they are toddlers. Along with building gross and fine motor-skills, cognitive development and emotional stability.

Toddlers are well named they toddle around everywhere examining everything with curiosity and determination, they begin to examine their toys and take a lot of things apart in the process of understanding how things are built or put together. Tiny toddlers do not play with their peers, rather they play next to each other and mimic and learn from each other. As they move towards the preschool years though they start to practise coordinated play – that is play were two or more toddlers play together.

Play is an activity that is chosen by the tot; they choose the tools/toys for the play and explore their world through this process. Play encourages flexibility, agile minds and creativity.

Play should be led by the child not the parent; however, parents can significantly enhance the child’s learning if they interact in appropriate ways with the child through play. Follow your child’s lead and take part allowing them to direct the play. This builds on their confidence, helps with relationship development, and is a great opportunity for parents to listen to their children and discover what is important to them and what they enjoy doing. It is about developing and reinforcing your child’s needs and understanding, showing them they have a voice and a right to be heard. It also enriches your own relationship with your child. An added bonus is that it gives time for the parents to involve their toddler in speech; enriching their vocabulary which is another area vitally important to your little one’s development.

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Article Courtesy of Moms and Tots Dubai


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