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Time to Introduce your Child to Some New Hobbies!

As the weather heats up and outdoor activities come to an end you may be left wondering want to do with your children in their spare time. To save you from wading through magazine after magazine we have compiled a directory of kids activities. There is actually not much your kids can’t turn their hand to here in Dubai!

For your budding Picasso’s there are an array of classes in art, sculpture, Manga, oil, watercolor acrylic, pottery and paper art.

The clown in your family can learn circus skills with Laugh out Loud or future Lady Macbeth’s can pursue a LAMDA course with Drama Scene, the list is endless.

Enroll your children in cooking classes and put your feet up as your child prepares some scrumptious pastries or cooks the food with their friends for their own party.

Building Blocks Nursery in Motor city has built an enrichment center which is completely independent of the nursery offering classes for children up to the age of 12. They have built a dance studio complete with sprung floor, sound proof music booths, indoor gym and cookery room. Children can learn to play violin, piano, cello, drums and take singing lessons. They can learn different types of dance such as hip hop, ballet and modern. Cooking classes are fun and educational as they learn to cook and prepare the food in different languages eg some days it will be English, next time French and then Arabic which will be a great way to learn the basics IE colors! This enrichment center will prove to be a great facility serving communities such as the Ranches, Meadows and Green Community.

However, whether they are a budding actor, artist musician, or cook, like so many activities in Dubai demand is always high so don’t delay in registering your children check out our Children’s Hobby Directory today!

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