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Traveling Pregnant

Travel is becoming more common as families move more and often further and further away. Living in Dubai means that many mothers-to-be are expatriates and are traveling to their home country during pregnancy, or maybe going on holiday to some of the exotic holiday destinations close by. This means often air travel. We will here give you some advice to make the plane trip better for both you and your baby.

It might be a very good idea to talk to your practitioner/doctor before traveling. You may decide to avoid traveling if you have previously had a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, premature labour, high blood pressure, diabetes or are expecting twins, you should seek advice from your doctor regarding traveling.

Here are some precautions you should consider as a pregnant traveler:

  • Talk to your practitioner/doctor before flying.
  • Try to do the majority of your traveling in the second trimester. Not only will you be more comfortable, but in general the risk of miscarriage and preterm labor are lower.
  • Avoid excessive flying. There are no hard and fast numbers, but research shows that flight attendants with the higher miscarriage rates flew on average 74 hours per month.
  • Make comfort arrangements. Try to get a seat with more leg room, walk in the aisles up to 15 minutes every hour, and drink plenty of water (as the air humidity is very low). Wear loose clothing, comfortable shoes, and adjust your seatbelt low over your pelvis. Some swear to wear compression stockings to avoid developing blood clots. (Symptoms of blood clots include swelling, pain, tenderness and redness, especially at the back of the leg below the knee.)
  • If you are more than 36 weeks pregnant, many airlines will not let you fly for fear that you will deliver on board. When you are working out the safest time to fly, remember to take into account the date you plan to return. Also most healthcare providers dishearten travel after 36 weeks unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • You could also be asked to supply a letter from your doctor verifying the stage of your pregnancy. It’s a good idea to carry this document along with your other important travel papers.
  • Check your health insurance policy and travel insurance. Find out if it covers pregnancy complications during travel to your intended destinations. Make sure the policy covers pregnancy complications as well as emergency medical transport from your chosen destination(s).
  • Make sure you have all the medications or special food you need during the hours on the plain.

Here you can find advices for traveling for two:

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