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UAE Applicants to US Universities Should Take Advantage of Summer Opportunities

summer jobs in dubai

Summer is the perfect time to promote personal growth and strengthen university applications, according to Carian College Advisors of Dubai.

School is out and a long, hot summer awaits most high school students in the UAE. The lucky ones will escape the heat and head to cooler climes for a few weeks of family holidays, but how should they spend the rest of their summer vacation? For UAE students looking to enroll in US universities, summer is the perfect time to participate in meaningful academic, extracurricular, and professional work that will have a significant impact on their applications. Particularly for students applying to elite US universities, summers are a critical time and how they are utilized can mean the difference between an acceptance and rejection letter senior year.

US college admissions committees pay close attention to how applicants spend their time when they are not in the classroom and closely assess as to whether they use this time productively. While the strength of an applicant’s academic record and standardized test scores remain the two most important criteria for admission, demonstrated leadership and participation in extracurricular activities are often the deciding factor in admission between two candidates with similar academic backgrounds. US universities want to admit a diverse class of students that will be active in campus athletics, clubs, volunteer efforts, community outreach, independent research, and performing arts. Unlike other national education systems which emphasize only academics or a single score on a national exam as a criterion for entry, American university applicants are evaluated holistically and expected to have an established track record of participation in extracurricular activities.

So what is considered a productive summer? “Fundamentally, it’s about pursuing one of your passions and showing a strong commitment to it,” says Peter Davos of Carian College Advisors in Dubai. “Summer is the perfect time for student athletes to enroll in a recognized sports summer camp in the US, where they can make contact with coaches at universities from which they are interested in applying. It’s when a high school student interested in majoring in a hard science can pursue research in a lab, a precocious academic overachiever can enroll in university courses for credit at Ivy League institutions, or when a student interested in pursuing business studies can intern at a major multinational corporation located here in Dubai. Anything productive is better than having a gaping hole on your application, where one of these experiences should be,” he adds.

Summer offers students the flexibility to be independent in their pursuits and focus on their core interests. By having a productive summer, students will be able to develop valuable leadership skills, demonstrate personal growth and maturity, and potentially develop an excellent topic for their personal statement. Enrolling in academic enrichment programs, particularly for college credit, is an excellent summer option. During the school year, students have limited time to explore academic subjects outside of those offered through their respective high schools. Improving English language skills, taking supplementary classes in which the student was struggling with, or exploring new subjects, such as Archaeology, Economics, Robotics, Photography, Sculpture, or Theater are just a few of the available choices. Students can enroll in academic courses offered online or on campus, or participate in travel/study programs offered around the globe.

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